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The Launch of SSN-762 -- The "new" USS Columbus

Page 1
Attaining New Levels of Technical Exellence
Page 2
Very nice photo of SSN-738
The USS Maryland
Page 3
Margaret Ann DeMars/Sponsor
Page 4
Admiral Bruce DeMars/Principal Speaker
Page 5A
Page 5B and 6A
Nice pictures of CA-74 and CG-12
that were in the middle of pages 5 and 6
Page 6B
Other Ships Named Columbus

CG-12, Recognized as Best Cruiser
in the Atlantic Fleet for 1973-74.

Page 7
Picture of Columbus, Ohio
the replica of the Santa Maria on the river.
Page 8
The City of Columbus
Page 9
Fabulous picture of the conning tower of the
USS Annapolis, just out of the water, underway.
Page 10
Los Angeles Class/Ohio Class

The image/emblem on the back of the Launch Pamphlet

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