USS Columbus SSN-762 Launch

The Ship is Christened
"In the name of the Unites States, I christen thee COLUMBUS. May God bless her and all who sail in her"
August 1, 1992

Frame 1

Trigger Man, Henry J. Nardone, Throws the "Trigger"

Frame 2

It is done, the ship is headed for sea

Frame 3

The ship is going down the ramp

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

Inside the shelter as it slides down the ramp.

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 9

Different Camera View

Frame 10

Frame 11

Frame 12

Frame 13

Frame 14

Frame 15

Frame 16

Frame 17

Frame 18

Frame 19

Frame 20

Frame 21

Frame 22


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