Frames from the Launch of the
USS Columbus SSN-762

The photos on this page were taken off of the video of the Launch of USS Columbus SSN-762 sent to me by Paul Greene.
When you "click" on the Here, after a title, a series of frames/photos will be loaded. The photo files are small and should load fairly fast. The number of frames is in parentheses.
They are divided into subject matter and may not be in the "true order" of the video.
The movie was sent by Paul Greens.

Various Special Guests coming onto platform (3) Here Speakers (20) Here Various Guests (2) Here
Triggerman (4) Here Spectators and Guests (3) Here Passengers on Columbus (3) Here
Various wide shots (4) Here Ship's Cristining by the Ship's Sponsor, Margaret DeMars (20) Here The Launch of SSN-762 (22) Here

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