I wasn't sure what to name this so I named it:

"Artifacts" from the USS Columbus

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I'll start with the ones I have found

Plastic Model Kit by Monogram
I now have two of these kits. They are unassembled.
I was given one of these kits in the 1970s. I assembled it and although I still have it, it has not faired well.
USS Columbus CG-12 ashtray and lighter
Oh if only this could talk. I wonder where it was and where it came from. No history was "attached" to it other than a garage sale.
A large image of the CG-12 Emblem on Ashtray
The USS Columbus CG-12 cigarette lighter
The Coffee Cup Holder from the Signal Bridge
Wayne S. Creeden has some more of the plaques from the Signal Bridge in the "Sigs Gang" section HERE
The Coffee Cup Holder from the Signal Bridge
Close up of the Name on the holder.
The Coffee Cup Holder from the Signal Bridge
The builder and painter

CA-74 Cigarette Lighter

This lighter was given to Leonard Wilcox by his son Mark.
Leonard served onboad CA-74 from 1949 until 1952.
They are both members of the USS Columbus Veterans Association
Thanks for letting me use these images Mark

CA-74 Cigarette Lighter - for a larger image of the engraving "Click" on the image

Captain Lewis J. Stecher, Jr Silver Punch Bowl

Here is the silver punch bowl set that the Officers of Columbus gave to Captain Lewis J. Stecher Jr., the Commanding Officer of CG-12 from the 4th of March, 1966 until the 5th of October, 1967, upon his departure.
It was made by Wallace. There were 10 cups is engraved from the departments: Engineering, Navigation, Operations, Weapons, Dental, Communications, Supply, Executive, Medical, and Deck.
The tray is engraved with designs and decorated with fruit medallions, to match the bowl.
The bowl is 8" high. and 15" wide. The tray is 20" in diameter.
I have no idea where it is now, I just knew where it was for a very short time and was given permission to use these images.

Please Note: These are FULL SIZED IMAGES

The Punch Bowl
Bowl and Tray.
Bowl and Tray.
Medallions on Bowl
Medallions on Tray

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