Builders Plate

The USS Columbus CA-74 and CG-12 "Museum"
in Columbus, Ohio

The "Museum" was located at 109 Front Street, Downtown Columbus.
The building is a government owned by the City of Columbus.
I think the items have since been moved to a new location.

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The photographs seen here were taken while on the way to the 99 Boston Reunion

This is a photo of the area just above the entrance at 109 Front Street.
(US Flag Photo)
This photo is of the area just to the right and down from of the photo of the "US Flag Photo"
I understand the Ship's Telegraph is not actually from Columbus but one of of the same Class of Ship (CA)
(Bridge Area Photo)
This photo of the area just the around the corner from the Ship's Wheel.
The US Flag and the "Bridge Area" can bee seen on the left side.
The model of CG-12 is not a very detailed one, but shows the "significant" ratios of the ship's "macks" and superstructure to the overall size of the ship.
This painting is just to the left of the Ship's Wheel and can be seen on the left edge of the "Bridge Area Photo".
Information in "Captain Boyd's Srapbook leads me to think this painting may have hung in the Ship's Chaple on CG-12.
This is another photo of the painting BUT it (regretfully) got a bad "flash bulb" wash out which can be seen   HERE
This is a Flag that flew from CG-12. It is located just under the CG-12 painting.
I believe it was one of the last to fly from her.
A plague of the names of the Commanding Officers CA-74 was to the left of the US Flag and
to the right of the US Flag was a plague with the names of the Commanding Officers of CG-12.
This is the CG-12 plague. (had to see any names on either)
The Coat of Arms was on the "bulkhead of the "Bridge Area". The top of it can be seen just under the Builders Plate at the top of this page.
I have a larger image of the same photo where you can see better details written on the Coat of Arms plate   HERE.
These are the Ship's Inclinometers.
I wonder what was the maxumum roll or list these dispayed while at sea? ------- panic??
Will we ever know???

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