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United States Naval & Shipbuilding Museum And USS Salem - CA139

Welcome to the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum
Welcome to The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) - Histories for every US naval vessel.

Here is a web site link to see: Famous Fleets: Notable US Navy Battles Thank you, Chris!!

Mesothelioma Resource Links

Go to which is a Free Resources for Mesothelioma Patients & Their Families
Also take a look at: and A Free Resources for Mesothelioma Patients & Their Families Mesothelioma Guide is an advocacy organization dedicated to helping patients diagnosed with asbestos illnesses

Mesothelioma Fund offers free services for mesothelioma patients and their families dealing with the cost of treatment.
Also look here at Mesothelioma Fund for help with VA Claims and Benefits

At you can get Free Resources HERE and Speak with A Patient Advocate by calling 1-800-692-8608.

Substance Abuse Resource Links

Struggling with substance abuse??

Recovery Village, at , is an organization with locations across the country, dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery.
Many men and women who have bravely served our country are sadly left with painful memories they wish they didn't have. In many cases, veterans turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with these thoughts, especially PTSD. Luckily, there are resources available to help.
Contact them for help.

DANFS Link to Cruisers
DANFS Link to the USS Columbus Information

Opening page of USS Salam (CA-139) Association (I've been aboard her)
United Staes Naval & Shipbuilding Museum

Haze Gray & Underway
Haze Gray & Underway Link to Guided Missile Cruiser Specifications, with the Albany Class Listed
Link to Cruisers List this opens with a black and white picture of the bow of the USS Albany

Haze Gray & Underway Link to Picture of USS Albany

War Ships 1

"Battleships Carriers and All Other Warships: The Anchor Page for The World's Warships" -- War Ships1
This Is a great web site!! There are pictures and specifications on the Albany Class Cruisers!!

United States Navy Cruiser Sailors Association

United States Navy Cruiser Sailors Association

An interesting and funny story about the USS Chicago, sister ship to Columbus (CG-12)-
"The Famous USS Chicago Incident" (CG11)

The link shows some USS Chicago pictures and is a link to the USS PERMIT SSN594 Web site There is an interesting story of how the Submarine Warfare Insignia (Dolphins) were painted on the USS Chicago when it was at the Puget Sound Navy Shipyard. The Story and nice pictures (from about waterline of the fantail) of the USS Chicago are under PICTURES, #13."The Famous USS CHICAGO Incident" and titled "Pictures from The Great Chicago Incident"

It is also linked off of Don Shelton's Home Page "Bottom Guns and Targets"
Look under "Dolphin Painting , The art of clandestinely painting Submariners Dolphins on Surface Craft" !and then click on the star in the "See the Dolphins the boys on USS Permit (SSN-594) painted on USS Chicago." box
Have fun.

Ships Reunion Links:

War Ships1 - "Tony D's Ship Reunions" Index Page

Fleet Reserve Association Reunions

Military/Ship Links:

United States Navy
USN News Special on the USS Cole

Arlington National Cemetery

Check out Dave Brouchoud's 3 web sites:
USS Des Moines CA-134
USS Helena CA-75
8th AF WW II

Check out John Galla Jr's USS Des Moines CA-134 web site, with some of his Dad's USS Columbus pictures at JOHN'S NAVY BASE

USS Saint Paul Association

USS Cabot CVL-28 This foundation is dedicated to preserving the USS Cabot CVL-28

USS Albany Association This is for every USS Albany (CL-23 / CA-123 / CG-10 / SSN-753)

Jeff Newell has some good pictures of weapons on USS Albany CG-10, which were the same as on the USS Columbus CG-12.

Joe DiPietro has a site for the USS Chicago CG-11

Wright's Washington Navy Yard has 3 photos of the Albany as it waits to be scraped - under "Cruisers"

USS Missouri Memorial

USS Iowa

Cool 360 degree photos!!

USS Hornet

K Troop

Navy History

Open Directory Project - Links to Navy Cruisers Decommissioned - Web Site links

Hyper War Home Page - World War II Information on the four branches of service
Hyper War - NAVY section
Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945 - Cruisers -- Heavy Cruisers - Data and picture of USS Columbus CA-74

The Greyhound Navy An Online reference source for the Spruance-Class Destroyers and home of the "Destroyermen's List"
NOTE !!!!!
You have to navigate the site from the bottom "site hyper-links". There is NO "Home" when I checked the site out.

Naval Vessel Registry Home Page for the Official Naval Inventory and Vessel Registry
Direct Link to Columbus Status

Navy Exchange System

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

Commander in Chief - U.S. Pacific Fleet (CINCPACFLT)

TROA Web Base Online Military Resource

Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command, Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii (USCINCPAC)

Naval Station, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

"Tin Can Sailors" - The National Association of Destroyer Veterans


OTHER Naval Links on the Web

More Navy Links to Other Websites

Other Links:

USS Femont APA-44 This is a link to the second to the last ship my Father served aboard.

John Galla's Son has a nice web site and is the Webmaster at NORTHEAST FIRE NEWS Check it out !!

Lionel Earl Joyner, CA-74 crew member, has a web site and is the Webmaster at his It is a very nice web site !!

"Jay" Williams, Associate Professor of Political Science at Loyola University Chicago and CG-12 crew member has a web site and is the Webmaster at
Jay was on board the USS Columbus during the same time I was. His Columbus photo can be seen on Page 63 of the 25th Anniversary Cruise Book
Jay has quite a few very interesting military and security related links on his site. Pay him a visit !!

US Naval Institute has pictures of ships to order
Vessels index
Thumbnail of ALBANY CG-10 - stbd aerial broadside
Thumnail of COLUMBUS CG-12 - stbd bow underway, men manning the rail
Thumbnail of COLUMBUS CG-12 - port bow 1963

Surface Navy Association

Navy History Center This is a US Government Site that has a lot of NAVY Information.

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring A site with a web site listing of Navy vessels involved in the conflict in Southeast Asia between 1951 and 1975.

Flag Etiquette

M.Y. Clark's Homepage - Has pictures of ships going up and down Elizabeth River in Norfolk, VA.
A neat web site!! CG-12 traveled these waters -- while I was aboard

(with the same names as the Albany Class Guided Missel Cruisers

The New USS Columbus  SSN 762

The USS Columbus SSN-762

Another link to the USS Columbus SSN-762 The site has just one picture.

This is an Official Navy Site that has a picture of the "new" USS Columbus SSN-762, in the sub pictures section. The title of the picture is "Above and below"

The New USS Albany  SSN 753

A link to the "new" USS Albany SSN 753. The site has pictures, histories of each USS Albany and has sounds under the "PICTURE" button.

The New USS Chicago  SSN 721

A link to the "new" USS Chicago SSN 721. The site has pictures, histories of each USS Albany and has sounds under the "PICTURE" button.

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