I believe this to be exactly like the Ship's Plaque that hung in the area know on CG-12 as "Hollywood and Vine".
This was the area close to the 01 level elevator door. It was also the beginning of "Officers Country".
Anyone with photos of "Hollywood and Vine" please e-mail me.

This USS Columbus Plaque was purchased from a lady that found it in a thrift store in Ogden, Utah.
It is suspected that it was in a Navy Training Center that closed and was donated to the thrift store.
Anyone that has knowledge of it's "travels" please e-mail me.

My first "electrically built" web plaque

AD FRONTES MUNDI - "To the Frontiers of the World"

The description for the emblem colors, that I made, were taken from page 19 of the 25th Anniversary Cruise book.
Several of the actual colors seen on my emblem were taken from a web page giving information on Christopher Columbus which WAS @
and was on the page

The Christopher Columbus Coat of Arms can be seen by "clicking"   here.

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