Personal Information

Dates and Duties on Board

I reported on board the USS Columbus on May 26, 1967. My orders stated that I was to report no latter than May 29, 1967 but I arrived on the 26th. My folks lived in Hampton, Virginia, so I went home over the weekend and reported back on board Monday the 29th.

I reported on board as a Seaman Apprentice ETN Striker just having graduated from ET "A" School in Great Lakes, Illinois. I was assigned to work in ET Shop 1. While I was in Shop 1, I worked in Radio Central. After I was on board awhile, I was reassigned to work in the PM Area of C.I.C. (Combat Intelligence Center). I also worked on the Pathfinder radar on the 09 level, the radar repeater on the Bridge and the repeater on the Admirals' Bridge. One of my last assignments was on the aft AN/SPS 30 radar. I also occasionally worked on the forward AN/SPS 30 radar until my separation.

Both SPS 30 radars can be seen in this photo. Believe it or
not the "arm" of the antenna was so large I crawled into the
"arm" and turned around and crawled back out when we
replaced the roary waveguide "fist" on the aft 30.

Due to a reduction in strength order, my separation date was April 30, 1970. According to my separation papers, I served 2 years 11 months and 23 days aboard the "Tall Lady".

Civilian Life

Triumph on Pikes Peak

After my separation I went on a motorcycle trip on the Triumph Bonneville see in the above photo. I had ordered it before I left on my last Med Cruise on the Columbus. I actually purchased it just before my separation (I still have it). I traveled the summer of 1970 on it. I went from Hampton, VA up to see Jim Greashart, also off of the USS Columbus, in Buffalo, NY. I visited him for several weeks then returned to Hampton. Several weeks latter I set off for the west coast. On the way, I went to Kansas to visit relatives. I then went out to California and rode on Highway 1 and 101 from San Luis Obispo up to Bremerton, Washington. From there I went back to Cheyenne, WY and got caught in a snow storm. I then went back to Kansas and stayed for a short while and back into VA. I still travel quite a bit, I'm off whenever I can get a chance on either my 1991 Harley Sportster or my 1997 FXD Harley.

After the summer of 1970 trip, I went to work as an electrician but eventually went to college and received an Associates Degree in Business Management and one in Accounting but went back into electronics to work for RCA. I then went back into the government and went to work for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) at Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. At my request, I got a transfer to NBS (National Bureau of Standards) part of The Department of Commerce in Boulder, Colorado. Congress has since renamed us to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). I am presently about ready to be RIFed (Reduction In Force) from NIST and will have to retire.

Interestingly, I see Pikes Peak (picture at top) often and think of the day the photo was taken, now almost 30 years ago.

My hobbies are Motorcycles, Amateur Radio -- my call is WA4QVP , Riding Trains -- especially steam, Model Railroading in N & G Scale. I go Camping and Backpacking when I get a chance and now this Web Site. So if you send an E-mail to me and don't hear back right away, now you know why.

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