David Yeaton's
1968 Mediterranean Cruise Book

David reported aboard on September 5th, 1966 and was assigned to 2nd division. After three months he became Deck Deptment Yeoman and served in that position until he was dischared on March 20th1970.

David and I were onboard at the same time because I came onboard May 26th, 1967 and was seperated on April 30th 1970.
I really enjoyed this Cruisebook because I saw many pictures of fellow shipmates I served with -- oh, I'm in this one, too. I actually think I had one of these Cruisebook and it got lost :-(

Thanks Dave!

Front Cover

Logo as see on page 139

Note: There was no inside front cover picture in the 1968 Cruisebook

In order to make the photos larger, most of the pages have been "trimmed".

Because some of the photos in the 1968 Cruisebook were of whole divisions, there will be larger images to view of some of them.
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A few of the "dual pages" were modified slightly so these photos could be seen as a whole.

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USS Columbus Mediterranean 1968 Cruise Book

Page 1
"Columbus CG-12"
Page 2
1968 Ports Visited
Page 3
Photo of ship's Bow
Page 4
Photo of Captain Arthur
Page 5
Biography of Captain Arthur
Page 6
Photo of Commander Kanakanui
Page 7
Biography of Commander Kanakanui
Page 8
Biography of Rear Admiral Calvert
Page 9
Photo of Rear Admiral Calvert
Page 10
Photo of Bridge (RADM Calvert)
Page 11
Group photo of the Staff
Page 12
Group photo of the Flag
Page 13
Columbus Departments
Page 14
Deck photo
Page 15
Deck Department Officers
Page 16
First Division
Page 17
2 nice photos forward
Page 18
A boat putting over the side
Page 19
Second Division
Page 20
Third Division
Page 21
2 Photos, one of Helo coming in and one of deck hands
Page 22
Deck photo- Unrep
Page 23
Fourth Division
Page 24
First LT.'s Division
Page 25
2 Photos
Page 26
Weapons Department
Page 27
Weapons Department Officers
Page 28
Fifth Division
Page 29
ASROC being fired
Page 30
Photo of 5 Inch gun being fired
Page 31
Sixth Division (at 5 inch gun)
Page 32
Neat drawing!! -- Marines
Page 33
Marine Detachment
Page 34
T-1 Division
Page 35
T-2 Division
Page 36
Talos being fired
Page 37
T-3 Division
Page 38
T-4 Division
Page 39
T-5 Division
Page 40
T-6 Division
Page 41
2 Photos
Starboard side of CG-12
and TALOS being fired
Page 42
Saluting Battery being fired
Page 43
T-7 Division
Page 44
Page 45
Page 46
Engineering Officers
Page 47
Page 48
A Division
Page 49
Page 50
Photo - Engine Room
Page 51
B Division
Page 52
E Division
Page 53
Page 54
M Division
Page 55
R Division
Page 56 & 57
Page 58
2 Photos of Unrep
Page 59
Suppy Department Officers
Page 60
S-1 Division
Page 61
Page 62
(Hum. how does it taste ??)
Page 63
S-2 Division
Page 64
S-3 Division
Interesting Facts!!
Page 65
S-3 Division
Page 66
S-4 Division
Page 67
S-5 Division
Page 68
Cookout on the fantail
Page 69
S-6 Division
(On the Mess Decks)
Page 70
H & D Division Officers
Page 71
H & D Division
Page 72
X Division
Page 73
Page 74
Operations Department
Page 75
Operations Department Officers
Page 76
OI Division
Page 77
OE Division
Hey!! There I am!!
Page 78
Communications Department
Page 79

Communications Department Officers
Page 80
CS Division
Page 81
CR Division
Page 82
Page 83
(Are we on course??)
Page 84
(Looks like it may have been from
the Bridge, of the bow)
Page 85
"Columbus Underway"
Page 86
The Captain is on the Bridge!!
Page 87
Photo of a Helo landing
Page 88 & 89
Nice photo
Page 90
Photo of Flag and "12"
Page 91
"Silhouette Photo" of CG-12
From another ship
Page 92
Photo of Unrep?
Page 93
Nice photo of ships following
Page 94
2 photos
One is of the USS Galviston
Page 95
"Ports of Call"
Page 96 & 97
Map of the Mediterranean Sea
Page 98 & 99
Photo of Palma
Page 100
Page 101
Photo of caves
Page 102
Photo of the Stern & two sailors
Page 103
Page 104 & 105
Photo of Naples
Page 106 & 107
Photo of waterfront in Naples
Page 108
Photo in Naples
Page 109
Page 110
Photo of bow
Page 111
Photo of Soudha Bay
Page 112
Photo of CG-12 in the distance
Page 113
Relaxin' a while
Page 114 & 115
Beautiful photo of CG-12 in the bay at Malta
Page 116
Photo of little boats at Malta
Page 117
"Silhouette Photo" of Malta
Page 118
Photo of Malta bay
Page 119
Night photo in Malta
Page 120 & 121
Photo of Parthanon on the Acropolis in Athens
Page 122 & 123
Photo of small boats in Athens
Page 124
Photo in Athens
Page 125
Photo of boy in Athens
Page 126
Night photo of Messina
Page 127
Page 128
Drawing of Barcelona
Page 129
Photo of Bull Fight
Page 130
Photo of children
Page 131
"Columbus - People to People"
Page 132
Two photos
Page 133
Photo of the Captain
Page 134
Two photos of the band playing
Page 135
My My!!!!
Page 136 & 137
Message from:
Commander Sixth Fleet
Commander Destroyer Division 262
Commander Destroyer Squadron 20

Photo of Columbus "Full Dress"
This is a VERY LARGE image

Page 138
Photos of CO & XO
Page 139
Nice Photos - Homeward Bound
Page 140
Photo of bow - Norfolk
Page 141
Photo (Ah, it's nice to be home :-)
Page 142
History of Columbus (PG 1)
Page 143
History of Columbus (PG 2)
Page 144


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