A Preview of:
USS Columbus CA-74
1957 "The Wake" Cruisebook

This Cruisebook was donated to the web site by someone that wishes to remain anonymous.
The Cruisebook will eventually be given to the USS Columbus Veterans Association "History Committee"
I want to thank that person. Although he was never a USS Columbus crew member, he was in the US Navy and so we are all part of that "family".
Thank you!

I would also like to thank Milton Olsen for scanning "The Wake". Milton did this several years ago and, as I am rebuilding the web site, I want to say:
Thank You Milton for your time and efforts. It is apreciated!
The pages you see are just a preview of the cruisebook "The Wake".

CA-74 Wake

Front Cover

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USS Columbus CA-74, 1957 Cruise Book
"The Wake"

Inside Cover
It is of couse, the Wake
of the USS Columbus CA-74
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