George Tyrrell's December 1967

George Tyrrell was the EMO on board the USS Columbus when I first came aboard CG-12.

Front Cover

In order to make the photos and text larger, some of the pages have been "trimmed".

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USS Columbus Discoverer

Inside Cover
Page 1
Captain Speaking
Page 2
Spirit of Christmas
Page 3
Paternalistic Division
Page 4
Istanbul, Turkey Drawing
Page 5
More Med Ports
Page 6
Istanbul, Turkey
Drawing of Cannes, France
Page 7
Between The Book Shelves
Page 8
General Quarters
Page 9
General Quarters
Page 10
Thanksgiving Columbus Style
Page 11
WCOL Columbus Sound Center
Page 12
Starboard Scullery Scuttlebutt
Page 13
For Love & Country
Page 14
Red Raiders Report
Page 15
January 1968 Callender
Page 16
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