Paul Payne's
Copy of the 1995 Spring Issue of
U.S. NAVY Cruiser Sailors Association

Paul served on board the USS Columbus CG-12 as Postal Clerk from '72-'74
Read about Paul's cource to and on the "Tall Lady" HERE

The cover photos were contributed by Robert S. Kaplan. The inside photos were contributed and the article written by
William Olinger, President USS Columbus Association - Region #3, Director USNCSA

U.S. NAVY Cruiser Sailors Association Web Site had "disappeared" when I put this on the web site. I was going to contact them but coul'd find an easy way to do this.
So I spoke with Mr. Bill Olinger at the 1999 Boston Reunion about this article. He said "Put it on the site."

Bill was a past President of the USS Columbus Veterans Association and now deceased.
The web site is now at: U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association

Front Cover - Page 1

In order to make the photos larger, most of the pages have been "trimmed".

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Page 2
Photos of Conversion from CA-74 to CG-12
Page 3
USS Columbus CA-74/CG-12
Page 4
Columbus continued

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