Paul Payne's
Copy of No.2, 1977 issue of Warship International
Paul served on board the USS Columbus CG-12 as Postal Clerk from '72-'74
Read about Paul's cource to and on the "Tall Lady" HERE
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No.2, 1977 - Warship International

Page 104
The Tall Ladies ...
(Beautiful Port Side Photo of CG-12!!!!)
Columbus, Albany Chicago
Page 105
No.2, 1977
By Christopher C. Wright
W.I. Staff
I. Background
Page 106
II. Conversion
Page 107
Drawing of 8" Gun Turret
Page 108
III. Modernization
Page 109
III. Modernization
Page 110
IV. Career Summaries
Page 111
V. Footnotes and
Bibliographical Notes
Page 112
V. Footnotes and
Bibliographical Notes
Photo of SPW-2B antenna
Page 113
Photo from bow looking aft at TALOS Launching Doors & etc.
Good Photo (not CG-12 - suspect CG-10)
Page 114
Photos of TARTER Launcher
Page 115
Photo of CG-10 firing 3 missiles at once!!
Talk about fireworks!!
Page 116
Superb Photos of CG-12 firing TARTER
Page 117
2 Photos
1 of CG-10 in Boston!!
Page 118
Excellent port side photo of CG-10
Page 119
A nice aerial photo of CG-10
Page 120
Another port side photo of CG-10
(No Forward 30 Radar)
Page 121
A very good close up photo of CG-10's superstructure!
Page 122
Starboard side photo of CG-10
Pointing out feedhorns of aft 30 Radar
Page 123
Another starboard side photo of CG-10
Page 124
Another starboard side photo of CG-10
Page 125
Nice aerial photo of
Chicago CG-11
Page 126
Good photo of CG-11 underway
Page 127
CG-11 steaming out of San Francisco
Golden Gate in background
Page 128
Great aerial photo of CG-12 underway
Page 129
Another great photo of CG-12 underway from astern
You can see the garbage chute
Page 130
Aerial photo of CG-12 underway just after conversion
Page 131
A superb aerial photo of CA-74 underway
Mid 50s
Page 132
2 Photos

USS Columbus in March of 1974 a month after her retirement is anounced :-(

A bow shoot of CG-10 in Boston

Line Drawings of CG-10
Line Drawings of CG-11
NONE of CG-12!! :-(

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