Vincent Fischetti Movie's ??

OK, so it's not actually Vinnie's Movies but the photos and an AVI movie file are taken from his movies.

The photos on this page were taken off of the "home movies" of Vinnie Fischetti which he had converted to digital tape.
I then took the individual pictures from his videos with a "Snappy".
When you "click" on the Here, after a title, a series of frames/photos will be loaded. The photo files are small and should load fairly fast. The number of frames is in parentheses.
Enjoy Vinnie's "movies". Thanks Vinnie, I hope you enjoy this as well.

Vinnie's Wooden Decks (10) Here Forward Shot of CA-74 (5) Here Along Side an Oiler and personnel Transfer (7) Here Naples, Italy (5) Here Drone (12) Here
Heavy Seas (5 and AVI movie) Here Inspection (3) Here Planes (6) Here Helo (13) Here Various (15) Here

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