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USS Columbus CA-74

John Galla served in the 4th Division on board the USS Columbus CA-74 from 1949 to 1952.
John has sent these historical items of information and great photos to be put on the site.
Thank You John. They are great!

Front Cover

of the Cruise Book John has scanned.
What a beautiful cover !

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Starbord side picture of CA-74 USS Columbus CA-74 in Venice, Italy
John titled this photo
" The Year Columbus was Born 1945"
USS Columbus CA-74 1950 Ball Team.
John Galla is on the top row, second one in from the left side. (Looks like a slugger to me)
USS Columbus CA-74
Plan Of The Day:
Friday the 21st of September, 1951
John titled this photo as
"The Day We Almost Lost The Admiral"
Another Photo of
The Crashed Helecopter
Under the Fantail Crane.
Explanation of the events
about The Helecopter Crash
and visit to Famagusta, Cyprus
Statistics of CA-74 and
a great aerial shot of CA-74.
Change of Command
September 1950
From Captain Mclean to Captain Wellings
Inspection on USS Columbus CA-74 Christmas on USS Columbus CA-74.
In the bottom picture, Captain Wellings and G.M.C. F. Kodrick are seen.
John Galla is behind Santa.
Sea Activities 1 Sea Activities 2
The top picture is the 4th Div. CA-74.
John Galla is on the top, left side, fifth one in. About the bottom photo, John wrote
" Holy Stone -- Oh My Back"
About this photo, John wrote "And They said
"Join the NAVY and See The World"
USS Columbus CA-74 visits Roma. Page 1
The city of fountains, the Colosseum, the Vatican, St. Peter's Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel and the Arch of Constantine.
Visit to Roma. Page 2
(I remember Roma very well. I'd love to go back some day) (For those that may not know, it is Roma and not Rome, in Italy)
Columbus Night Life
(I sure remember Naples)
On The Town

The Officers of USS Columbus CA-74

Admiral Robert B. Carney
Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Europe and
Commander-in-Chief, US Naval Forces,
Eastern Atlantic and Mediteranian
Admiral R. L. Conolly
Commander in Chief, Naval Forces
Eastern Atlantic and Mediteranian
Captain Ephraim R. McLean, Jr.
Commanding Officer
October 1949 to September 12, 1950
Captain Joseph Harold Wellings
Commanding Officer
September 12, 1950 to August 2, 1951
Captain Frederick Burdett Warder
Commanding Officer
August 2, 1951 to the date of the writting
(anybody know?)
Captain Edward Baxter Billingsley
Exective Officer
July 1949 to January 1951
Operations Department Officers
Engineering Department Officers
Gunnery Department Officers
Administrative Department Officers
Supply Department Officers
Medical Department Officers
Chief Petty Officers

The USS Columbus CA-74, 1950 Christmas Card/Menu

John Galla's Christmas Card from CA-74
See the outside HERE
See a picture of CA-74, the Officers AND the menu inside HERE

Shipmates of USS Columbus CA-74

John Galla is on the right and Paul Geene is to the left.
They are on the Quarterdeck on board the USS Salem CA-139. The photo was taken August 1998.
John Galla said these are "Some of the old Shipmates of the USS Columbus CA 74, back in the early 50s"

USS Des Moines   CA-134

I had to include this photo John Galla sent. John said this: "This is the USS Des Moines CA134. I am a Plank Owner on her. She was commissioned 16 of November 1948 in Quincy, MA .That was the biggest thrill in my life .Being a country boy, I had never seen a ship in my life. I came from a little town in PA (Pennsylvania). . John G. (SHIPMATE)"

The USS Des Moines and The USS Columbus Side By Side

John sent this information on the USS Des Moines  CA134
from the "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships"  HERE

Here are a couple of links to USS Des Moines  CA134 Information:
USS Des Moines Home page
USS Des Moines Reunion Association

USS Massachusetts  BB-59

John S. Galla and son John M. Galla aboard the Battleship USS Massachusetts   BB-59
Battlship Cove, Fall River, Massachusetts
Here is a link to the Battleship USS Massachusetts
Another Photo of the Battleship
USS Massachusetts   BB-59

John M. Galla's United States Coast Guard Days

A Collage of John's Coast Guard Days

John S. Galla's Son, John M. Galla, is the Webmaster at Check it out !!
John S. Galla's Son has scanned a BUNCH of his Dad's CA-74 photographs!!!
You must see them at Check it out !!

See additional CA-74 photos of John S. Galla's in the Marines Section HERE


The following is a collection of various photos of Shipmates John had while on the USS Columbus CA-74.
Do you recognize them OR are you one of them.
If so e-mail John.
His e-mail address is
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USS Columbus pictures John Galla has "created"

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John has a hobby of computer generating pictures of CA-74 & CG-12.
It seems he has made Columbus "sail on" ........ at least in our memories.
I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.

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