Several Tributes to Mr. Paul Greene

Paul Greene was the first USS Columbus shipmate to contact me and the first crewmember to send pictures for the web site.
He told me about the "other" USS Columbus' CA-74 and SSN-762. We became extreamly good friends.
I meet Mrs. Diane Greene at the 1999 Boston Ship's Reunion and became good friends with her, also.

In honor of Paul and his wife Diane, I have decided to leave this web page exactly the same as when he was the USS Columbus Membership Chairman.
Paul is a Shipmate that will be forever.

On a personal note, I surprised Paul and Diane Greene on their 50th wedding anniversary with a special message on this web site's Welcome Aboard!! Page.
You can see what the web site looked like then and my Congratulations on 50 years of marrage. That can be seen by "clicking" HERE. (Note: The links on the page you will see will not work)

I am pleased to have these photos on this site which are

Courtesy of Paul Greene, Membership Chairman of the
USS Columbus Veterans Association

World War 1 Recruiting Poster

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USS Columbus CA-74

USS Columbus CA-74 at Oran, North Africa 1950
USS Columbus CA-74 Anchored in the Hudson River, New York for Navy Day on
October 27, 1945 for President Harry S. Truman's Inspection
July 3, 1948 in Roma
Audience with Pope Pius XII with some of the crew of the USS Columbus CA-74.
Paul writes "I am on the right side by the middle window, that was as close as I could get".
USS Columbus CA-74 in Venice, Italy, October 2 or 4, 1948 .
USS Columbus CA-74 in Villefranche, France, October 1948
USS Columbus CA-74 anchored in Venice, Italy - 1949
Crew of USS Columbus CA-74 , at Toruk, Libya, North Africa May 7, 1949
Paul Greene is in the second row, 4th from the right
Crew of USS Columbus CA-74 , "S" Div, 1948, under the # 3 guns, eight of the shipmates in the picture are or were members of the Association. The insert in the upper left corner is Paul. You can use this to find Paul in the photograph.

This was at the Ship's Party, at the Hotel Ruhl, in Nice, France in 1949.
Left to Right, Eddie Coletti, unknown, unknown, Paul Greene, unknown, unknown and the Sailor on the far right so far has been unidentified. Paul has shown this photo at a lot of Reunions and so far, no one has been able to identify him.
If you can identify him, e-mail Paul Greene.

"USS Columbus (CA-74) Pipes King George VI Aboard for a Good-Will visit". Paul Greene was on board when this event happened on November 8, 1949. The photo was copied from the April 1952 Issue of National Geographic but the photo was actually taken by Frederick Mott of the New York Time on November 8, 1949, published in the Portsmouth, England Newspaper and the New York Times in 1949. The National Geographic Society published it again almost three years later.

Home Coming December 9, 1949   Fireboats, with blimp overhead, meeting USS Columbus CA-74 in New York Harbor while returning from Plymouth, England after about 16 months.
USS Columbus CA-74 arriving in Boston Navy Yard, 8 October 1951, after about 16 months in Europe

The following 3 photos are of a SC-1 Seahawk in July 1948 in the Mediterranean with the CA-74.

SC-1 Seahawk ready for launch.
SC-1 Seahawk into launch.
SC-1 Seahawk being retrieved from Fantail.

On April 1, 1946, the USS COLUMBUS CA-74, was part of a task force, to assist in "Operation Roads End-Deep Six," the task force escorted 24 Japanese submarines out of Sasebo, Japan. One of the eight subs, that the Columbus sank, was the infamous I-58, the sub that sank the USS INDIANAPOLIS. This info was from Bob Bowen, a member of the Association, on board the Columbus, at this time. The photo, showing the two Japanese subs, the I-58 is behind the 0-50, this photo was given to Paul Greene by Bud Kathan, who was also aboard the Columbus, at this time, too.

The Cruises Of USS Columbus CA-74 as Flagship of Admiral R. L. Conolly

"Paul Geene's copy of
Navy Day - 1947

"The Shipbreakers", An artical about the "end of CA-74/CG-12"
Pictures showing the USS Columbus --- in pieces.       :-(

USS Columbus CG-12

The following series of photos are of the conversion of USS Columbus CA-74 to CG-12

   Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4
  Photo 5    Photo 6    Photo 7    Photo 8

The CG-12 Ship's Wheel, Telegraph, Inclinometer and other items are seen in the next photographs. The items are at 109 Front Street, Columbus, OH, which is a "City of Columbus Building". The Columbus Association has been trying for a Museum, for quite a few year, with the City of Columbus and are still at it.

   Photo 1    Photo 2

More Photos of these items can be seen HERE

USS Columbus SSN-762

USS Columbus SSN-762 Ship's Patch
USS Columbus SSN-762 Commissioning Pamphlet
USS Columbus SSN-762 being launched August 1, 1992, at Groton, CT.
The submarine USS Columbus SSN-762, after launch, is guided by a fleet of tugs as it heads down the Thames River in Groton, CT, past replicas of the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria, on August 1, 1992 .  This picture is from the Groton Newspaper," The Day". Paul was there and wrote "I was there, what a thrill."
The photo is from the local Groton, CT newspaper, "The Day". It is showing the USS Columbus SSN-762 being towed back to the docks, after the launching on August 1, 1992.
USS Columbus SSN-762 on Commissioning Day July 23, 1993 Groton, CT.
Change of Command, SSN-762 - 1994
Here are scans of Paul Green's two-first day envelopes, gotten when the SSN-762 was Christened and Launched on August 1, 1992.
(Check out those stamps and the nice art work!)

Various Items

This is a photo of Bill Olinger's model of the CA-74. (Paul said it cost a "fair amount" -- must be nice Bill)

This is a photograph of a painting done by Shirley Altz, wife of Carl Altz. Carl served on board the USS Columbus CA-74 from 1952 to 1954 in S-2 Division. The painting has 4 ships that bare the name of USS Columbus. The USS Columbus CA-74, CG-12, SSN-762 and look in the upper right hand corner for the fourth one.
Thank You Shirley

Members of the USS Columbus Veterans Association

Paul Greene on the USS Salem CA-139 (Look at those guns!!) Paul was aboard the USS Salem when it made it's last cruise from Boston to its' present berth in the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, MA on October 30, 1994
Comander Carl Smeigh (now retired, Captain) first Commanding Officer of the USS Columbus SSN-762 -- Served on board 1991-94, Paul Greene CA-74 -- Served on board 1947-50 and Alex Rudewicz CA-74 -- Served on board 1950-52
Las Vegas Reunion 1993 All shipmates S Div 1948 Left to Right, Tom Ranney, Jerry Greenfield, Gene Hickam Founder of the USS Columbus Veterans Association ( Gene passed away in 1995) and Paul Greene
CA-74, 4th Div, from about 1948 thru 1955, plus one from S Div. Vinnie Fischetti is in back row in middle with red shirt, Don Pardoe in front row, third from right, also in red shirt, no cap, Paul Greene is in the back row, second from left, no cap.

USS Columbus Monument

This photo of Monument, taken by Norm Guivens, the Treasurer of the Columbus Association. This Monument was a gift to the City Of Columbus, OH, presented by the Officers and members of The USS COLUMBUS VETERANS ASSOCIATION and dedicated on October 12, 1996, and was accepted by the Honorable Gregory S Lashutka, Mayor of the City Of Columbus, OH.

World War 1 Recruting Poster

If You served on the USS Columbus CA-74 / CG-12 / SSN-762

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