Don Landauer's
1946 USS Columbus CA-74
Cruise/Chart Photo

Don said he served aboard USS Columbus "mostly as a passenger" from June 1946 until he was mustered out in August 1946. During that time aboard, the Columbus steamed from Tokyo (Sasebo) to Long Beach, CA.

Don is looking for any crew members that served aboard during the time he was aboard.
If you served with Don or during the time he was on board send an E-mail to Don Landauer at

Don sent this museum worthy item to be put on the site.
This item measures about 33 1/3 inches long by 10 inches wide. It took 6 separate scans to get it all!!
Thank You Don. This really is quite a photo !!

See Information on Don & Lyn Landauer's Book "Pearl"

Pearl HERE


Don't forget this is about 33 1/3" long by 10" wide !!!

Note: The areas above and below the end photos were not scanned.
When the six pieces were "stitched" together that area ended up white.

Click on indicated area for a larger section of the Cruise/Chart Photo
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Because these files are large I have put the approximate file size and pixel dimensions.

Left Side Photo67KB, pixels are: width=775 height=383 at 300DPI
Center Photo76KB, pixels are: width=775 height=498 at 300DPI
The Caption at the bottom of the photo reads "Columbus at Shanhai, China"
Right Side Photo76KB, pixels are: width=755 height=457 at 300DPI
All of the Center Chart116KB, pixels are: width=793 height=489 at 300DPI
List of Ports, Dates & Miles Traveled 112KB, pixels are: width=800 height=698 at 300DPI
Japan Course117KB, pixels are: width=800 height=579 at 300DPI
Hawaiian Islands Course 60KB, pixels are: width=695 height=438 at 300DPI
West Coast Course126KB, pixels are: width=856 height=676 at 300DPI
East Coast Course143KB, pixels are: width=708 height=1005 at 300DPI

For those of you that have fast modems or "T*" or "OC*" connections and are interested, The following files are very detailed images of the following sections. Again, because these files are EXTREMELY LARGE, I have put the approximate file size and pixel dimensions.

Left Side Photo136KB, pixels are: width=2,250 height=731 at 600DPI
You can see the men and details of the ship
Right Side Photo120KB, pixels are: width=2,250 height=663 at 600DPI
You can see the men and details of the ship
Center Chart251KB, pixels are: width=1,500 height=1,106 at 300DPI
Huge Size of The Whole Image
(Almost as big as the original stitch size)
1,312KB, pixels are: width=7500 height=2282 at 300DPI
This is a very large file!

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