Wallace Eakes
USS Columbus CG-12 Slides
Taken in 1968

(Well, most of them at least.)
Walace Eakes
Here is Wallace recently takin' it easy !!

Here is Wallace while serving on board Columbus
Hummmm, notice any difference??

Here is Wallace getting into his work

I asked Wallace to send some information about himself, when he was aboard Columbus, what he did and what he does now.
It appears Wallace was aboard while I was!!
Thank you for the slides Wallace, they bring back some good memories.

I served aboard the USS COLUMBUS GC-12 just over a year from the summer of 1968 to -1969. I was the leading petty officer in the Dental Department working for Dr V. B. Selby, the ships Dental Officer. I made one "Med cruise" and took hundreds of tourist slides. After the Navy, the GI Bill helped me finish undergraduate and graduate school before going to work for the Department of Navy as a chemist at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejuene. I transferred to Port Hueneme, California over twenty years ago. I presently work for the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center where I provide solid and hazardous waste environmental compliance guidance to Navy and Marine Corps installations all over the world. My wife, Marsha, my dog Stormy, and I live in Camarillo, California. Marsha and I enjoy cruising aboard the "love boat" from time-to-time.

The Slides have been put into separate subjects or activities. "Click" on the desired slides.
Under Way Replenishment
Refueling at Sea
Some great slides showing the Columbus!!
Sheet Shooting on the Fantail
Cookout on the Fantail

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