Terry Edwards' Photos of the
USS Columbus CG-12
During the WestPac Cruise

Terry Edwards

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Terry sent me these photos that he took while he was on board the USS Columbus. Terry was an FTG2 in 6th Division.
Terry went through several boxes of 35mm slides taken during the deployment to WestPac in 64/65 and had them scanned professionally.
He ended up with various crew shots, and ship shots. He asked me if I was would be interested in putting any of them on the web.
Well I was and here they are.

Thanks Terry. This is an "interesting" period for the ship and our nation as we began the Vietnam conflict.
I think they would say Columbus was part of the "Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club".
And on a personal note, my Father was captured on the island of Corregidor, just as WWII was starting.

Going under the Golden Gate Bridge Map of 1964 Westpac travels

A larger image of the map can be seen HERE

An even larger image can be seen HERE

CG-12 Starboard fire control and 5 inch gun mount
Captains Gig Some where inside ship
Target Practice, off the coast of California Talos missile we shot with #52 5 inch gun in foreground
"Bird in the air" Night time missile launch
In the line, Yankee Station, Tonkin Gulf Rough seas
Rain Squall at sea Marine Guard, USS Columbus CG-12
Shipmate Terry Edwards
From left to right - Lowell Starr, Alan Sainsbury, and Terry Edwards From left to right - Alan Sainsbury and Terry Edwards
Hong Kong 1964 Hong Kong - 1964
Chinese Junk off Hong Kong Part of the crew at a gun mount on Corregidor, in Manila Bay
Part of the crew at a gun mount on Corregidor, in Manila Bay Gun mount on Corregidor, in Manila Bay
Sunset in Westpac Sunset in WestPac
Tonkin Gulf Bar-B-Que Red China
Coming home, San Diego - 1965

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