Joe Gambill's Photos of the
USS Columbus CG-12
During the WestPac Cruise

Joe Gambill on Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Joe was part of the nucleus crew of CG-12 from May 1962 until it was commissioned and then ships company until Febuary 1965. He was an FTM2 and in T-5 division.

That was me on Victoria Peak above Hong Kong. This is a recent picture of my wife, MaryAnn, and me at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. She is an administrative assistant and the school counselor at Kentview Christian High School which is a private school in Auburn, Washington.
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Commissioning Invitation Commissioning Envelope
Joe's WestPac cruise log of dates Arizona Memorial Salute
Waikiki 1964
Larry Mantz, Cy Rood and Jim Warrington
Note: Sadly all are deceased
"The Liberty Crew"
Left to right: Jim Warrington, Cy Rood and Larry Mantz
Hawaii 1964
Jim Warrington, pineapple inspector
Pearl Harbor Activity - 1964
Diamond Head Sunday anchored at Midway
Operations Target drones for flotilla practice
Target Launch Fire Away
Flotilla enroute to Subic Bay, passing through the San Bernadino Straits, PI Robert Brasil, FTM1 at Subic Bay
CLG-5, Oklahoma City and CG-12 at Subic Bay CG-12 Subic Bay
Ferry to Navy recreation area at Grande Island Anchored in Manila Bay, 1 Oct.1964
Taken from a shuttle boat to Corregidor On the shuttle boat to Corregidor
Shuttle to Corregidor Large gun on Corregidor
Old gun battery on Corregidor Headquarters tunnel on Corregidor
Cy Rood is in foreground
Jeepneys and horse carts - Filipino Taxis Hong Kong harbor filled with 7th Fleet ships
CG-12 in Hong Kong Hong Kong traffic signal
Chief Newby
The Chief was instrumental in having the Chapel built.
Joe from Aberdeen, Idaho found one in Hong Kong
The famed Tiger Pagoda in Hong Kong Joe at the Tiger Pagoda in Hong Kong
Tiger Balm residence Front Door Tiger Pagoda
Operations in the South China Sea USS Topeka CLG-8 alongside
Topeka to Columbus high line Mail and supplies helo, the original "FedEx"
Taking the easiest way in Oiler - It's a dirty job but....
DASH - Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter USS Hopewell DD-681 alongside
USS Agerholm DD-826 crossing astern Entertainment for the re-supply
USS Richard S. Edwards alongside USS Worden DLG-18 (CG-18) Alongside
Student Driver A High Line no less
(That student Driver better drive good !!)
Tin Can Sub - "Over one, under 2" "The Roll"
Jim Warrington had a picture almost identical to this one because they were shot at the same time.
Sea Legs - Jim took this picture of me. Getting Sea Legs
"Home brew" Inclinometer Rigging a line
Joe while the ship was in the South China Sea The Roll
Taken from a movie with a "Snappy"
Supply Ship
Taken from a movie with a "Snappy"
"A DD in a Silvery Sea", USS Porterfield DD-682
CG-12 in Yokosuka The Forecastle
The Forecastle The ANSPG-49 Control Consoles
ANSPG-49 Radar ANSPG-49 Radar
Shipmate E. A. Manion FTM3 Thanksgiving in Yokosuka 11/26/64
Thanksgiving Day Menu Thanksgiving Day Menu
Thanksgiving Day Menu Sunset at Yokosuka
Volcanic peak enroute to Kagoshima Kagoshima with Mt. Sakurajima in the background
Kagoshima CG12 seen through a telescope
The Boatswain in Beppu The Boatswain's Artwork
Christmas Card Christmas Card
Christmas in Sasebo
Joe and Larry Mantz
Christmas decorations
Ship's Chapel at Christmas Life aboard CG-12 - my bunk
My bunk My bunk
Recording Studio Shipmate Jim Warrington
Bob Hickox coming up the ladder T-5 Just killin' time
Barbeque on the Fantail Barbeque on the Fantail
Barbeque on the Fantail Barbeque on the Fantail
Barbeque on the Fantail Barbeque on the Fantail
Shipboard Olympics Shipboard Olympics
Liberty Boats Lt. Horton & Lt. Patrick
Taken from a movie with a "Snappy"
Lt. Gray on watch :-) Short Timers Calendar
Short Timers Calendar
Home 2/6/65, Discharged 2/12/65
Going Home
The Flotilla going home January 1965 Welcome Home (Page1)
Welcome Home (Page 2) Welcome Home (Page 3)
San Diego - Home Plank Owner certificate
The USS Columbus Insignia

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