In Memory
James Edgar Warrington
January 14, 1943 - December 27, 1999

My Story
By John H. Grosvenor, Jr.

Jim Warrington's
Histories of the
USS Columbus Number 1 and 2

Jim Warrington wrote this as the information was being put on the web site.
"I came aboard June 1963 in Bremerton, Washington. A group of us had just finished school at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and armed with tremendous amounts of knowledge we arrived at Bremerton ready to go to work. However, the Columbus was at sea so we were assigned to a barracks and given a paint brush and told to commence work. We had just finished a year of electronics schooling and this didn't seem to be what we had been trained to do. So we painted daily until Columbus returned to port. We then reported aboard and I was assigned to T-5 Division. It consisted of the two aft 49 tracking radars, W-2 missile guidance radars and computers. Can't remember the number. I worked on the 49's for about three years and then finished out my tour on the W-2's. I left Columbus in Dec., 1966 while in Athens Greece. I finished as an FTM-2"

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Page 1Letter to Al Lewis, Pg 1 Page 2Letter to Al Lewis, Pg 2
Page 3Letter to Al Lewis, Pg 3 Page 4Drawing of "Ship-of-the-line Columbus"
Page 5Manning the Yards Page 6Cannon and 4-wheel Carrage
Page 7Letter from National Archives - Pg1, Naval Records relating to USS Columbus Page 8Letter from National Archives - Pg 2,
Date Span of Logbooks
Page 9 Letter from National Archives - Pg 3,
End of Letter
Page 10Letter from National Archives - Pg 1,
Plans of the first two USS Columbus
Page 11Letter from National Archives - Enclosure 1
Page 12Letter from National Archives - Enclosure 2 (Reference Report For the USS Columbus)
Page 13Price Schedual (NARA) Page 14Reproduction Request (NARA)

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