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USS Columbus CA-74 / CG-12 / SSN-762

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Joe Littlejohn's CG-12 Pictures

The following four photos came from Joe Littlejohn's web site. He has a very nice site that has a good history of past vessels carrying the USS Columbus name.
Joe thinks he was on the last Medditeranian Cruise the USS Columbus CG-12 made. He finished his tour of duty on the USS Columbus in June of 74. Joe served as the EX O's orderly during his tour of duty. He writes "That was interesting!"
The history mentioned is in his "USS Columbus CG-12" section.
Check it out on Joe Littlejohn's Home Page.
NOTE: On 04-11-05 I atempted to find Joe Littlejohn's web site and could not...So I removed the URL link.
Joe, if you are "out" there let me know what your web site URL is.

USS Columbus Columbus Pierside
Pier 5 Norfolk, VA
Forward TALOS

Thank You Joe!

John Galla's CA-74 Pictures

The following pictures have been sent by John Galla.
John served in the 4th Division on board the USS Columbus CA-74 from 1949 to 1952.
Thank You for all of your pictures, John.

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