USS Columbus Ship's Crew Photographs

Images taken from page 15 of Paul Payne's 1972 Mediterranean Cruisebook

USS Columbus Veterans  Association
Pictures Courtesy of Paul Greene
(Paul was the) Membership Chairman
USS Columbus Veterans Association
A Must See Article, "The Shipbreakers"
The end of CA-74/CG-12
Vinnie  Fischetti Photos
Old Salt
Vincent Fischetti's
John Galla Photos
Attention CA-74, 4th Division
John Galla's Photos are aboard
Don Landauer Chart & Photo
Donald Landauer's
CA-74 Museum Piece
CA-74 Pictures
Bill Polska's
USS Columbus CA-74 Photos

John Grosvenor
John Grosvenor's
(These pictures & my 25th Anniversery
Cruisebook is what I started the web site with)
Captain Boyd's Scrapbook
Captain Gideon M. Boyd's Scrapbook,
Box of Photos
Decommissioning Envelope
Jim Warrington History
Jim Warrington's
Histories of the
USS Columbus Number 1 and 2
Nice CG-12 Photos
Wallace Eakes Slides
Wallace Eakes
USS Columbus CG-12 Slides
Peter Laforce Photos
Peter Laforce's CG-12 Photos -
Part of the "Final Chapter"
of Columbus CA-74 & CG-12
Dan Raustadt's Slides
Dan Raustadt's
CG-12 Slides
Doug Tindal's Slides
Doug Tindal's
CG-12 Slides

Terry Edwards Photos
Terry Edward's Photos
Taken during the WestPac Cruise

Joe Gambill's Pictures
Joe Gambill's
WestPac pictures!!
Ken Flott's Pictures
Ken Flott's pictures
taken by his Dad,
Kenneth E. Flott
Sigs Gang
USS Columbus Marines
Various Pictures
GREAT Pictures!!
Plus Mr. Bob Hope!!!
Small Collections of Pictures

Note: The blue Ships' Emblem and USS Columbus CG-12 small ship drawing on the "Opening Page"
were taken from Ships' Stationary and an envelope I used to send to my folks.

This is another drawing used on letterhead used on ships' stationary which I used for a letter to my folks.


Here is a Letterhead print used on Ships' Sationary from Paul Payne.


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