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Tom Lussen's CG-12 Slides (with a little CG-10 too)
Slide 1
The USS Albany and USS Columbus "back to back" (or should that be "stern to stern"??)
Slide 2
CG-10 behind CG-12
Slide 3
Beautiful CG-12 picture

George Tyrrell's Bob Hope Pictures (circa 1967)
Picture 1
From Right to left - Bob Hope, CAPT Lewis J. Stecher, XO CDR Victor G. Warriner and CDR A. J. Personette, Weapons Officer.
Picture 2
Bob Hope and Rear Admiral Calvert COMCRUDESFLOT 8 (Probably Captain Stecher behide Bob Hope)
Picture 3
The Man himself, Mr. Bob Hope!!!!

John Robinson's CA-74 Picture
Picture 1
Left to Right - John Robinson, Bob Beck and Arthur Vass - Around #5 20MM AA Machine Gun [CA74].

Joseph Wiercinski's Collage
Picture 1
This is a collage that Joseph Wiercinski sent me

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