Here is a great 21st Birthday Sea Story from Lowell Hill

Lowell was an IC Man aboard the USS Columbus (CG-12). Lowell was in E Division from 1962 to 1964. He is a Plank Owner of CG-12!!
See his Newspaper Clips of the "beginnings of CG-12" in that section HERE

The great 21st Birthday Sea Story

Jerry Love, an EM, with another EM named Puss, took me to the White Swine for my 21st birthday celebration, in Bremerton. Those guys could really drink some beer. I never could keep up. The other is George M. Hudacko, an EM, who was in our regular tour group to Tijuana while we were in San Diego. We had some wild, unprintable times but we always made it back to the ship. Once we made up stories about how someone stole our ID's at the YMCA; we were going to get new ones the next day until the Tijuana police sent them to the ship's office with an explanation. We were restricted with extra duty for two weeks.

A couple more

One day we were heading out of the harbor of San Diego and George missed ship's movement; so he caught a tug boat. What a sight! The tug catching up, with George standing on the bow catching the Columbus like it was a street car.

I'll never forget our shake down cruise. The seas were rough and very cold. The IC room had angle bubbles to show the pitch and rolls which got up to 17 degree pitch and 45 degree rolls. Do you have any pictures of the damage after getting back into port? The ship was a mess. The life lines were tore off: some were trailing; weather deck steel ladders were ripped off and lost at sea; a fire hydrant on the forecastle was ripped from it's piping, but held to the ship by a support welded to the deck with the tattered fire hose trailing. What a ride!

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