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USA Flag
Ships Patch
USN Flag

USS Columbus
CA-74, CG-12 & SSN-762

Blue Ships Emblem from Ships Stationary Envelope
Come Aboard!!
"The Tall Lady"
Ship Drawing from Ships Stationary

Painting by artist Arthur Beaumont
"Deployment" USS Columbus CG-12
Painting by artist Arthur Beaumont


Permission to Come Aboard is


This web page is dedicated to the shipmates and friends I served with and to the USS Columbus  CG-12. It is also dedicate to my Father and to two of my Uncles who actually worked on the USS Columbus as it was being converted from CA-74 to CG-12. I searched for over a year to find a USS Columbus Web Page until I decided there had to be at least one. This site is just a "snapshot" of the long history of a hull that was the USS Columbus CA-74 and CG-12. If you served on board her - I hope you enjoy. To those interested in one of the first "true" US Navy guided missile cruisers - the Albany Class Guided Missile Cruisers - they are now history. I hope you enjoy the site also.

This web site was originally all CG-12 material, however since the writing of the opening paragraph and putting this site on the internet, I have received many photographs and a lot of information about the USS Columbus CA-74, more of CG-12 and some of SSN-762, which has all been added to this site. That has changed the scope of this site to include the CA-74 and SSN-762 vessels with the help of former crew members of the USS Columbus CA-74 and many members of the USS Columbus Veterans Association.
To them I say "Thank You", WE have made a great site to remember these Navy vessels.

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